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Philly ALC Tuition Rates

Financial accessibility is important to us. Tuition is determined on a need-based sliding scale. Discounts are available for siblings. Complete the worksheet below to see where your family falls on the scale. If the estimate produced does not work for your family, please don't hesitate to reach out to continue the conversation.




For fulltime enrollment, tuition ranges from $2,000-$11,000.




Homeschoolers attending 3 days per week, pay between $1,320-$7,260.




Homeschoolers attending 2 days per week, pay between $920-$5,060.




Homeschoolers attending 1 day per week, pay bertween $750-$2750.

roots at Awbury only

Tuition Worksheet

Student Information

We offer a discount for families with more than one child attending ALC. Please enter the total number of your children who attend or who are applying to attend Philly ALC.

Family Information
Annual Family Income

Please enter your income before taxes from ALL INCOME SOURCES (including any child support, support from family members, trusts, etc.) whether you normally claim them on your taxes or not.





Final Calculations

Below is a calculation of the recommended annual tuition per student based on the data you've provided.


Total Family Income

Tuition Recommendation (Total)


$each x #students = 


Tuition Recommendation per Student

Personal Information

To send the above information to ALC as an accompaniment to a child's application for admission, please complete the fields below and press the Send to ALC button.


Trust is an essential element of the ALC culture. Instead of vetting each family's finances, we ask that you make a tuition offer from your personal knowledge of what you can afford. Depending on openings available at specific payment levels, we may not be able to accept your proposal. Please be as generous you can. The sliding scale is only made possible by everyone contributing whatever they can make work.
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