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Philly ALC School is a supportive environment where young people explore and self-direct their learning through cycles of intention, reflection and inspiration.  


Our model provides young people from ages 5-18 a space to delve into their passions, and learn deeply, without the confining curriculum and limiting structure of standardized education. Instead of the mandated classes found in a traditional school, students, staff and parents collaborate to provide “offerings” that support student interests. The model focuses on building community to support learning through doing.


Philly ALC is a place where kids can be themselves, surrounded by a caring community that supports their individual growth and well being.


Philly ALC School serves students looking for full-time schooling and un/homeschooling students who want to attend part time. Full-time students officially enroll in the Philly ALC School, which operates as a private school. Part-time students join our community to complement their un/homeschooling education.


Our Bella Vista location and proximity to public transportation offers students access to a range of parks, museums, and events. Philly ALC School students regularly leave the building on spontaneous excursions, in addition to taking field trips to Bartram’s Gardens, the Philadelphia Zoo, Reading Terminal Market, and Smith Memorial Playground. Older students, known as “Independent Travelers,” can explore the city on their own, while younger students can lead excursions with the help of facilitators. The city is our classroom.


Full-time students at Philly ALC School are not required by the state to complete standardized testing. Part-time students, who are officially homeschoolers, must comply with Pennsylvania Home Education laws, which require that students test in 3rd, 5th, and 8th grades.

Student-to-Facilitator Ratio

The current student-to-facilitator ratio is 7 students to every 1 facilitator. Philly ALC School maintains a student-to-facilitator no higher than 10 students per facilitator.


Philly ALC School determines tuition on a need based sliding scale.

See our Tuition Info page for more details.


Philly ALC School offers year round rolling admissions as long as space allows. In addition to completing the Student Application, potential students and their families are encouraged to attend an Open House, schedule an Admissions Conference, and visit the school for a week before officially enrolling in the school.

Visit our Admissions Process page to learn more.

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