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ALF Summer


Let’s talk about innovating education. About play and technology. About “teaching” self-teachers, subverting conventional standards, and supporting a community of unschoolers. Let’s talk about taking the schooling out of learning.

June 20th - July 1st
Philadelphia, PA

Join Us!

Philly ALF Summer is intended for those interested in exploring Self-Directed Education and the ways in which Agile Learning Center tools can help support it. Whether you're starting your journey as a facilitator, looking to connect and collaborate with others in the field, or simply looking to deepen your understanding of SDE as a parent, you are welcome!


Join us for just week one or stay for the complete two week experience.

Week One: Foundations

June 20-24, $400

Lunch and snacks provided.

Childcare available for $175

Together, we’ll explore the theory, practices, and challenges of facilitating self-directed learners, bolstered by the supportive structures, tools and rhythms of agile learning. The week will begin, just as it does at agile learning centers around the world, with a Set The Week meeting where we will co-create the conference schedule together. ALF Summers are emergent and ever evolving. The sessions offered will come from the work and experience of conference facilitators, invited collaborators, and the requests and interests of participants. Bring your questions and your challenges but also your strengths, talents and willingness to share with the community. Just like at ALCs, participants are welcome to propose and facilitate sessions. 


Below is a list of possible topics to explore: 


  • Agile Leaning Tools

  • Deschooling 

  • Navigating conversations with skeptical friends and family

  • Supporting creativity and flow

  • Technology in Shared Spaces

  • Literacy in SDE Spaces

  • Math in SDE Spaces

  • Neurodiversity in SDE

  • SDE and Social Justice

  • Parenting and Facilitating: Struggles, Strategies, and Pitfalls

  • Free to Fail

  • Chore Checkers, Committees, and Student Facilitators: Empowering Students to take the lead

  • Flying Squads


Each morning, we will gather together at 9:30 AM to review and tweak our schedule as needed, then move into smaller spawn groups for intention setting and connection. Sessions will begin at 10:00 AM. We’ll break for lunch at 12:00 PM. Afternoon sessions will resume at 1:00. We’ll wrap up the day with afternoon spawn at 3:00. Participants are welcome to linger for gratitudes and conversation until 4:00.


Midway through our week, we’ll gather for a Check-In/Change-Up meeting and discuss ways we can up our game for the rest of our time together.


Week Two:

All-Ages ALC

June 27th - July 1st

+ $175 for adults staying on

$150 (5-16)

Bring Your Own Lunch

For our second week together, we’ll put our learning into action and invite in Philly ALC students, children of participants, and curious kids from the community to play, explore, and learn with us. Participants are invited to create and join in offerings, flowing into and out of the facilitation role, just as ALC students do. This is a unique opportunity to experiment with an all-age setting that is different from a typical ALC school, to see what emerges from a self-directed space for all.


Afterwards, you will have made some valuable connections with people who have a similar vision for what twenty-first century learning can look like. Hope you will join us!


  • Childcare is available during week 1 for $175.

  • Week 2, Children 6 and up are invited to participate for $150.


  • Financial Aid available for those who need it. Please email us at to request a fee reduction.

  • Our space is on the second floor and requires climbing two flights of stairs to enter.


Masks are required indoors except when eating and drinking in designated areas.

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